Clean Car MPG increase 10%? Mothers Clay Kit and Speed Clay 2.0

Niflheim Media decided to use some Mothers car care products to preserve our paint so our car lasts a long time which is good for the environment. We also heard it could improve MPG or miles per gallon.

But randomly distributed dirt particles do just the opposite on cars, creating more drag as air particles cling onto the grime. According to MythBuster calculations, that filth effect cuts fuel economy by around 10 percent.

So far we washed the car.

Then used the Speed Clay 2.0 with a bucket of water.

Clay kit next….

It feels a lot smoother.

It worked very well.

I would like to get a squeegy next.

New York Times Were Climate Change Deniers in 1991

This article is amazing!

Marjorie McGuirk it also says Dr. William A. Nierenberg, a geophysicist who is director emeritus of the Scripps Institution and who has expressed doubt that global warming will be as severe as some scientists have predicted. A number of feedbacks might act to limit global warming, he said. “In fact,” he said, “the average global temperature change could be almost zero” because of the many feedback mechanisms. But the operation of the mechanisms could nevertheless impose a “severe” price in terms of the regional climate changes they would cause.

It goes on to say

Some scientists say the Ramanathan-Collins findings could lead to better predictions about the extent of the expected global warming. The predictions rest largely on computerized mathematical models of the climate system that all scientists agree are crude and flawed. One of the major flaws has to do with the effect of clouds.