Windshield Removal Tool

It works great but the foam handle falls off and the red plastic cap falls off. Also the blades get wedged inside the compartment holder behind the red cap at the bottom. I put a screw in the compartment first and it keeps the blades from getting wedged. I wish I had some longer blades to get behind the dash…it is hard to cut the windshields out with out breaking the. There is a lot of potential energy in the junkyards. So many good parts that we wouldn’t have to create. We would be better off gathering and sorting and cleaning the already made parts than creating new parts. We would save more energy and be in a cleaner situation if we didn’t get new model year cars every single year.

Battery cars might be dirtier for the air since they are so heavy as far as road dust goes. Also biohydrocabons as a liquid fuel is less monoplositc compared to cobalt and lithium. Unless solutions like lithium from sea water are found and rare earthless motors.

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