Volkswagen Passat B5.5 2004 GLS 1.8L Turbo intercooler CO2 injection cooler

So the Audi dealership didn’t think it was a good idea to start a performance segment…


I wonder if the co2 injection kit for the inter cooler will make it crack from the temperature difference over time vs. stock?

Liquid nitrogen created on board would be better…or in cylinder split cycle thermal control….

CryO2 is a product designed to reduce air and fuel temperatures by spraying Co2. Through the science of aerodynamics and cryogenics, Design Engineering has developed a system to harness the cryogenic properties of liquid CO2 to lower the intake charge temperature by up to 50°F. The system is modular and can be easily expanded. The CryO2 system provides two methods for cooling the air charge and one for cooling fuel, all utilizing the same burst of liquid CO2.


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