George Constantinescu Sonic Car: Hydraulics better than electric may be more important inventor than Nikola Tesla?

More influential than Tesla?



A quote:
He had several patents for improvements to carburetors, for example US1206512.[6] He also devised a hydraulic system (patent GB133719) for operating both the valves and the fuel injectors for diesel engines.[7]

And another:

In 1918, he published the book A treatise on transmission of power by vibrations[4] in which he described his Theory of sonics. The theory is applicable to various systems of power transmission but has mostly been applied to hydraulic systems. Sonics differs from hydrostatics, being based on waves, rather than pressure, in the liquid. Constantinescu argued that, contrary to popular belief, liquids are compressible.[5] Transmission of power by waves in a liquid (e.g. water or oil) required a generator to produce the waves and a motor to use the waves to do work, either by percussion (as in rock drills) or by conversion to rotary motion.[2]

Internal combu


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