2004 Volkswagen Passat GLS 1.8L 4Motion B5.5 2001-2006: Windshield washer level sensor replacement and front bumper plastic

The windshield washer fluid light stayed on no matter what. I first thought it was the sensor. I was at the junkyard already so I picked up an extra sensor for $3.

Sensor Location

The sensor is located in the windshield washer reservoir. You can replace it by removing part of the splash shield on the front driver side. Turn the wheel to the side for more room. The pump is at the bottom and the sensor is the one towards the middle of the tank. First disconnect the electrical connector.
The sensor just stays in place with a rubber seal.
Put the seal in first and then push in The sensor. Use washer fluid as a lubricant. Be careful squeezing both sides of the electric coneector.



I also picked up a lower plastic spoiler that goes under the front bumper. For $5. To replace it use a razor to cut off the tabs so the bumber plastic connections do not break when you remove the damaged plastic spoiler.

I also got a new for light. When I put it in the other light that I just replaced went out?

The junk yard had lots of good finds today. I would like to start an app connecting pickers with people who need parts.

Distilled water needs about a 1/2 cup tap water for use as warm weather washer fluid.
I have been using pure distilled water. Maybe now it’s clean enough in the tank the water doesn’t have enough conductivity? I added some tap water. 1/2 cup and the light went off the sensor was fine just not sensitive enough to read pure water.


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