2004 Volkswagen Passat B5.5 2000-2006 Niflheim Media GLS 4Motion 5-speed Manual Transmission 1.8L Turbo: Power Steering Cooler

Niflheim Media’s Volkswagen Passat B5 project car.


Today we focus on the power steering system. So far we are more impressed with power steering compared with automatic steering cars.

Our stock cooler tube got bent and was about to leak. Instead of buying stock cooler we bought a cheaper aftermarket one that might cool better.

The 2004 Passat B5 were ahead of there time and in a lot of ways better built compared with today’s Passats.

Function vent fog light for example. Side marker lights…

The stock line cooler has an air bag sensor attached to it. I am going to remount it or leave it? Any suggestions? Not the sensor the mounting situation. It would look nicer to mount the sensor to a new location but this has engineering implications. The steering cooler line is ugly so I don’t want to leave it just as a mounting point…

The power steering reservoir is remotely mounted under the hood. It is located on the driver side front. This keeps it cooler compared to reservoirs mounted on the pump. The return line is larger than 3/8 inch. It has destructors in it. The cooler lines two are 3/8 inch regular line. I think.


Here are categories and past articles:

Mass Air Flow sensor


ECM light



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