Niflheim Media Volkswagen Passat B5.5 2000-2005:Check Engine Light P0171

The check engine light went on again. Below is what our code reader (discussed in an earlier article)told us.


The evap purge valve was the easiest fix possibility after consulting the Internet. Links below


The valve is located under the air box cover. It is attached to the air box with a rubber grommet.


Turned out that’s what it was…the light went off right away by itself. Will check the codes later.


Here is a video about evap systems. Basically the gas fumes stay enclosed in the system instead of venting to the atmosphere. The valve we replaced controls the flow of the fumes from the evap canister to the engine. Topping your tank off makes crud go into the valve and clog it. Supposedly. This makes the engine run lean.


We used a wire cutter to cut the factory vacuum and evap lines. We used dorman clamps too.


We bought a Dorman valve from Carquest but I don’t like it since it came with a extra connector adapter. An original replacement Bosch from online would have been better….

System too lean bank 1

Evap purge valve?


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