Niflheim Media Volkswagen Passat B5.5 2000-2006 GLS 4 Motion Stationwagon Check Engine Light, O2 sensors, Clear codes

Lasttime we got a p0171 error code with our smartphone and $15 obd2 wifi gadget.

This means the system is too lean. The MAF sensor is already replaced so 02 sensors from 2004 good candidate.

The upstream sensor was easy to replace. The downstream required removal of cv joint shield and crawl underneath with 22 mm wrench anyone know a better way?

Tightened loose brake caliper…thanks Midas. 7 mm hex tightens it… I think. Les Scwabbs also missed it when I asked them to check….they should check all work with cameras and hand it to you after your job is done. This bolt torqued to spec and tight picture…maybe I am OCD?

The connector needed to be changed on the o2 sensor where it plugs into the harness on the firewall. Remove coolant reservoir to access. so have an electrical pick to get the wires out and in in order to switch it with the one that came with the sensor in the box along with wire securing things.

I disconnected the battery. You can get a battery buddy to keep your settings. The air box needed to be removed to get to the upstream o2 sensor. A socket o2 sensor and crow foot removal tool could help.

To get the wires out of the connector use an electrical pick and stick it into the connector to push the tabs on the wires down. To get them in pull the rubber protectors down and use your poker to push the wire into the new connector until it clicks. Make sure the tabs are bent out so they can catch as you push it in.

You have to get underneath the car to get the downstream o2 sensor off. Don’t do this without experience and be careful! So dangerous! Make sure to park on flat surface! Chock the wheels! Use jackstands! Don’t trust a jack ever! Double check everything! Jack at the right spot. Pinch welds behind and in front of wheels under the door sills. See owners manual. Actually don’t do this take it in somewhere change the upstream one yourself. $176 per sensor probably for labor.

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