Brake Job 2004 Volkswagen Passat Tune-Up and Restoration

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The rear brakes needed attention. The rotors were worn down to just below spec when we measured the thickness of the steel with a caliper. The outside is thicker since the pads which were also worn down squeezes the steel like puddy when you stop hard or long.

The supplied Volkswagen jack shot out of the car when it was in the air. I watched a video and I thought I had it set up right according to the picture. A Harbor Freight floor jack and jack stands took the drama out.

An 8 mm hex head for the caliper bracket,

Brake calipers wind back tool (don’t worry you can rent it for free at auto parts stores), 13 and 15 mm wrenches, are all you’ll need as far as speciality tools.

The rotor I got from the store did not fit so I reused the old one.

Brake pads, anti seize lube, wire brush, lug nut wrench and special lug nut key if equipped is also all that’s needed.

The seats also needed cleaning so we took off the skins and washed it and the cushions in the tub with soapy water.

Make sure the metal wires stay in the cushion when you remove the metal wires that hold it to the skin. A needle nose pliers works. The seat cover or skin is removed from the seat support by lifting the plastic edge from the groove in the support. It takes about 4 days for the cushions to dry and they are not quite the same as when new…

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