Fixing Cars For Clean Air


It amazes me how many car parts get destroyed instead of recycled back into service. If we would have followed the Delorean model we would keep our cars running for many years instead of buying a new one every year.

Anyone driving in the highway behind a defective car notices how much pollution is getting released. We should have community garages that fix all cars for free using junk yard parts. The car companies should pay for it.

Old cars could get state of the art drive trains retrofitted.

It is bitter sweet to find your car in the junkyard. Although this one didn’t have 4Motion and manual trans so that is why no one wanted such a cool car. A car that will probably be a collector item some day? So many good parts Including turbo I should keep it a secret? Buy the whole car as a spare?

Recently my 2004 Volkswagen Passat wagon GLS 1.8L Turbo 4Motion with five-speed manual transmission started having AC issues.

side note:When idling we should have a separate smaller waste heat steam engine that runs on twigs for idling and cold starts and hydraulic accumulator charging.


The AC stopped working when I came to a stop. The first problem was the electric fan for the condenser stopped working. This part was $18 from the junk yard. It plugs in by the driver side headlight. Run a jumper wire to see if that’s the problem or it could have been anything else including, switches, shorts, fuses, sensors, etc.

To remove the fan.

1. Disconnect battery

2. Take off air intake with three screws.

3. Remove timing cover two snaps.

4. Remove support that connects good patch to the bumper. A 10 mm bolt at the top and a 10 mm nut at the bumper.

5. The electric fan is on the passenger side. In the future people won’t know what side is the passenger side. There is a small screw at the top of the fan bracket where it connects to the shroud. Remove it. Then there is a tab on the bottom of the bracket push the tab this allows the fan to rotate counterclockwise sitting in the driver seat. There are three tabs do not brake them off. Be careful. Then detach the wire and disconnect it. Put the new fan in.

6. Check the cabin air filter ours blew better after it was replaced.

7. We bought a can of ac recharge. It came with a gauge. Probably better to know both sides low and high? But needed to save money.

8. Found a head rest and battery hold down bracket.

9. Found two fog lights both worked. To replace pull the plastic shroud off. Three screws and a plug.

Two things that always breaks on these cars the rear 12-volt cigarette lighter socket built into the arm rest and the plastic belly pan. I would like an aluminum steel or heavy plastic one. Aftermarket? Also a six speed or bigger tires or smaller gears for highway. Twin turbo kit.

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