Why don’t we slit your babies throat

I was shopping today with my family at Chico’s Natural Foods COOP where we are a member.

Zion our two year-old wanted some yogurt but I wanted a different kind. She cried pretty loud and was making noise…

A lady who was next to my daughter said, “We slit animals throats all the time why don’t we slit children’s”.

I blacked out and it felt like I left my body.  First I looked at her hands and at her husbands hands to see if they had a weapon and wanted to take it further. She seemed harmless but then she started making contorted faces at the baby.

I started yelling…I said this lady said ….

I asked for witnesses my wife said “what did you say” “she said I was only talking about sacrificing animals”. I said why do you have to say that? She also said “what are we going to do with these people?”

What would you have done?

Im not sure why people provoke others?

Earlier I was washing the car and some other lady said to me…looks like another one living out of their car.

Chico, Ca has a long history of racism they drove out and killed the Chinese.


I took her picture but I am going to delete it.

A wonderful lady outside prayed with us and listened to us afterwards.

The news is quick to point out when Trump fans the religious wars which I don’t like. But no one talks about when Holden and Ehrlich and others say we need less children.

Ever since King Herod people in power want dead babies?



Jason Thompson received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Law & Society from Winona State University where he studied U.S.-Mongolian Foreign Relations 1860-1920. He also attended programs at Hennepin Technical College in Minnesota, Soonchunhyang University in the Republic of Korea and at the University for Peace in Costa Rica. He has a Master of Arts degree from University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he focused on climate control and high-energy x-ray applications. Jason has wrote for Diesel Power and The Costa Rica News.

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