Zero Emission Combustion Best Renewable Energy Solution

Hydrogen + Oxygen = H20 + Clean Life Saving Energy

Would you bet your life on a climate model prediction?

I am the biggest renewable energy advocate you’ll ever meet. That is why I am its biggest critic.

this link says:

Combusting hydrogen with oxygen to obtain water and extract a large amount of energy with zero environmental pollution is still a long way off, Siemens notes. The production of pure oxygen is too costly and the combustion temperatures of 3,200 degrees Celsius are too high for the turbine blading used in the power plants. Natural gas, which burns at approximately 1,950 degrees Celsius, already requires air cooling of the blading. Siemens CT in Munich is therefore also conducting research into heat-resistant ceramics for use in turbines.


Producing pure oxygen and hydrogen is key.

this article says

I’ve been thinking again so bear with me.
To elliminate emissions all you have to do is connect the tailpipe to the intake.

What would happen if you connected the exhaust pipe to the intake?
You would have no emissions because the combustion cycle would be a closed system. But would the engine run? Or course not because it would run out of oxygen. But what if you pumped in oxygen and then took out carbon clumps? If you ran the engine on hydrogen you wouldn’t have to deal with carbon clumps only water drops.
If this works I declare Patent Pending.
If you are a major executive from a large automobile company send checks to:
Jason $ Thompson
6420 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048




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