Nuremberg Trial For Drug War

In the future there could be a trial for those on the losing end of the drug war. It will be like the Nuremberg trials. Those responsible for the atrocities and racial genocide might be punished. People’s defense will be following orders or ignorance. More people have been killed in the drug wars starting with the Opium Wars in China and spread everywhere there were minorities to control. El Paso Texas and South Africa were some of the next places then it spread. More have died in the drug wars compared to all wars combined depending on how you look at it.

If you don’t know the history of cannabis here is your last chance?

If you don’t know the medical benefits.



10 Lyft Faux Paus 10 Best Practices

IMG_04691. Pick a good location to get picked up.

2. Have a retractable Pole with a flag on it that displays where you are and who you are.

3. Just let the driver drive with the map unless he/she knows the area well. Find out.

4. The last few minutes guide the driver on entry.

5. Have the driver honk if you can’t find him/her/non identification.

6. Be nice to your Lyft Driver feed him.

Shuman Solar Power 100 years ago

This article says:

The experiment above was described in 1916 by Frank Shuman, a US inventor from Philadelphia, to explain the principle behind a solar-generating plant he had set up in 1913 in Egypt at Maadi, today a suburb of Cairo. To create his Number One Sun Engine, Shuman used five 60-metre-long parabolic “troughs”, mirror-lined heat absorbers aligned to track the sun’s progress across the sky, to concentrate the rays onto five matte-black boilers, which then produced sufficient steam to pump almost 23,000 litres of water a minute.

Shuman’s plant successfully irrigated agricultural land alongside the Nile for two years, but it could just as easily have been used to operate an electricity-generating turbine, as he intended it should.