Migration Ended the Family Farm Creating Factory Farms

First off nothing against Mexicans they are my friends and I wish them well while they are in US. I do understand that unfair trade policies created the exodus from their family farms in Mexico. We are all in this gether so we should get along find out what is happening to us the people and not react the way the elites who try to program and manipulate us want.

I used to work on family dairy farms in the 90s I saw as they struggled and went out of business. In their place was giant factory farms which were employed by Mexicans who received low wages. 

There are other factors as well bit this is one.

In the U.S. more and more milk is being produced every year,” Vitaliano says. “If there are fewer farms and more milk, guess what? [That] means that the average farm is getting bigger — and that is indeed the case.”

In 2012, the most recent year the USDA collected data, almost three-quarters of dairy farms had fewer than 100 cows, but those farms only produced about 14 percent of the nation’s milk.


Christine Neumann-Ortiz, executive director of immigration rights group Voces de la Frontera, said the protests showed people “very clearly flexing their economic power” as a prime piece of a $43 billion dairy industry. It’s estimated that more than 40 percent of workers on dairy farms are Latino, according to a University of Wisconsin study, and some 90 percent of those come from Mexico.




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