NH3 There are no other alternatives for energy

I have been promoting NH3 for about 8 years. Here is a nice website.



NH3 Fuel: The Closest Alternative to an Ideal Fuel
A thorough evaluation of each potential alternative fuel against the ideal fuel criteria listed, leads to the choice of NH3 (anhydrous ammonia) as the leading alternative fuel candidate. NH3 has been called “the other hydrogen” and exhibits all of the advantages of hydrogen. Importantly, NH3 provides proven, practical, low-cost storage and delivery of hydrogen, the main barrier to a hydrogen economy.

NH3 (ammonia) is the only realistic energy solution that makes sense.”

Matt Simmons, National Petroleum Council, Council on Foreign Relations, Founder, Ocean Energy Institute

If I were to be rewarded for success and reprimanded for failure, I would pursue NH3 (ammonia) as the most promising hydrogen carrier to meet the 2015 Freedom Car goals.”

George Parks, Conoco/Phillips (retired)

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