Who Killed The Hydraulic Car?



Once at a rally in LA I asked the guy who wrote Who Killed The Electric Car? who killed the hydraulic car? He didnt want to talk about it.

Throwback Thursday Lightning History Article By Bonnie Trowbridge

Over the last two months, we’ve shared with you some images taken during the evolution of our LH4 hydraulic hybrid sports car. Today’s Throwback Thursday represents the penultimate chapter in the LH4 efforts—the car’s unveiling at the 2006 Denver Auto Show.

As the foundation of our technology and company, the LH4 demonstrated the viability of our hydraulic drive system and invigorated interest in the technology for larger vehicles. Below is a photo from the Lightning Hybrids 2006 Denver Auto Show booth as several attendees admire the LH4’s seductive curves and learn about our parallel hydraulic system.

While designing a production-ready consumer automobile proved too big of a financial risk (Tesla spent over $2 BILLION to release a production model!), the LH4’s innovative hydraulic drivetrain caught the eye of fleet managers interested in implementing retrofit hybrid solutions for delivery trucks and buses. The LH4 also demonstrated that, for heavy start-stop drive cycles, our system could provide fuel savings of up to 40% and significant reductions in vehicle brake wear and harmful emissions!

The LH4 never saw production and now resides under a thick cover in our production facility. But the key values the LH4 project inspired—devotion to reliability, responsive design, and elegant engineering—live on at Lightning Hybrids. We design and produce solutions and systems in the spirit of innovation first ignited by the conception of the LH4.




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