Al Gore, MEDEA, Climate Change

This perennial relationship between climate control and the military continued into the 90’s as Al Gore’s campaign against the greenhouse effect and climate change was helped with top-secret scientific visuals released by Medea, a U.S. military committee 9 .

Although the war metaphor is common and used to frame other issues such as cancer, poverty, drugs, and crime when considering climate control it contains a deeper literal connection that the other issues may or may not have as well.

9 The MEDEA program was the “first post Cold War review of National Security Systems, Data and Archives

The goal of the releasing of these images was to help climate scientists better observe the catastrophic effects of climate change and to convince the public of the seriousness when it came to lowering carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere immediately (Mervis, 1999).

Without the military research from the likes of JASON and other Dr. Strangelove-like scientists from the Cold War and the more modern version being the geophysical scientists who originated from the military as described by Vannevar Bush’s book Science: The Endless Frontier climate control would have stayed in the Cli-Fi and religious genres.11 For better or worse this close relationship between science and the military should surface in the visuals of climate control as a frame.

Without the military via elite groups like JASON and Medea climate change and its Janus twin climate control and its love child geoengineering would have gone possibly undiscovered and un….. read more at 

Mervis, J. (1999). Panel of scientists helps open lid on secret images. Science, 286(5437), 34-34.

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