Coradia iLint Hydrogen Train vs. Diesel


First of all, all diesel trains are already powered by hydrogen. They dont need fancy storage tanks since carbon is an excellent energy carrier. A liquid or wax form of hydrogen would be better since it could be transported from long distances.

Since cities only have a certain budget they must find the best solution. The Coradia iLint hydrogen train has been called the world’s first hydrogen passenger train although it has been done done before.

|The Coradia iLint may be the world’s first hydrogen-powered passenger train, but it’s certainly not the first vehicle to run on hydrogen fuel cells. Stan Thompson, former strategic planner at AT&T and long-term advocate of the use of hydrogen for rail transportation, coined the term “hydrail” in 2004 to describe any type of rail vehicle that uses hydrogen fuel cells. There have been prototypes and hybrid trains in the meantime, most notably in Japan|

2015-05-27: Hydrogenics and Alstom Transport Sign Agreement to Develop and Commercialize Hydrogen-Powered Commuter Trains in Europe • Valued at over €50 million, including the supply of at least 200 engine systems along with service and maintenance support over a 10 year

The fuel cell in the iLint is a PEM. These require expensive platinum and probably wont be scalable all over the world. They are more expensive than a diesel engine but less expensive than electrifying the rail.

If I was investing in advanced technology I would invest in advanced not proven technology. Instead the iLint is investing in a company so we can go in the right direction even if its not the totally right direction.

For example the high pressure tanks are not very energy dense. A wax would probably be a better option.

I would invest my money into the new technology since energy dense liquid fuels will probably eventually win out between pressurized h2 gas and powerlines. I would invest my money into the new technology since energy dense liquid fuels will probably eventually win out between pressurized h2 gas and powerlines. 

Advanced combustion engines are clean enough and a more mature mature technology. Also hydraulic hybrids are better in cold conditions, all conditions, and require no rare earth lithium from Inner Mongolia and Afghanistan.If we have a fixed budget espescially in 3rd world invest in diesel and hydraulic hybrid today. Invest in energy dense fuel system first. The fuel cell more advanced in 10 years without platinum will be cherry on top.

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