Climate Change A Frankfurt School Conspiracy to Destroy Society: Good Idea?

Is freedom bad for us? Do we need to be controlled by an elite secret society who knows better? Are we all dumb Homer Simpson like slobs? The population at large does not even know they are being controlled because they are too busy living. The controllers want to put a stop to that. The mechanism is controlling our energy. Make it so expensive as a result of a climate tax. Then no one will be happy and no one will have kids. Nice plan? It comes from Hegel not the left as many climate deniers believe. It is not their fault they are scientists not philosophers or artists.

If you think humans cause climate change live in the now. What a joke ok we get it so what is the point?

Walking down the street and smelling air pollution and seeing animals go extinct is bad…granted. We must consider is the governments job to protect humans from nature or nature from humans?

I am a conflict manager and this is my biggest assignment. First step do both sides want to solve the problem?

The Frankfurt School says we need a new system. The population says we like it the way it is. We must reach some compromise or we will live in a Brave New World hell. The technocrats will kick our ass and they are already doing it.

Think I am crazy? Read for yourself if you can stand the boring story. Here is one side of it.

(The Frankfurt School were a group of Marxist Jewish intellectuals at Frankfurt University in the 1920-1930’s. (They emigrated to NYC after Hitler came to power.) They included Max Horkheimer, Theodor W. Adorno,Herbert Marcuse &  Erich Fromm, and were responsible for the “New Left” and feminism. Financed by Jewish millionaire Felix Weill, they were instrumental in the degradation of Western society according to the long-term cabalist Jewish (Satanist) plan. The connection between Communism and Judaism is the Cabala, i.e. Freemasonry.
The Communist Jewish thinkers described in Timothy Mathew’s “The Frankfurt School:  Conspiracy to Corrupt” (Catholic Insight, March 2009) are largely responsible for the degradation of modern Western culture.  This is irrefutable proof that we have been inducted into a satanic cult whose aim is to pervert, enslave and exploit humanity.)
OK I see your point no one likes to be exploited and killed or do they? It is fun to listen to rock music, drink and have sex. Is there more to life?
OK Frankfurt School your turn
(The Frankfurt School (German: Frankfurter Schule) is a school of social theory and philosophy associated in part with the Institute for Social Research at the Goethe University Frankfurt. Founded during the interwar period, the School consisted of dissidents who felt at home neither in the existent capitalist, fascist, nor communist systems that had formed at the time. Many of these theorists believed that traditional theory could not adequately explain the turbulent and unexpected development of capitalist societies in the twentieth century. Critical of both capitalism and Soviet socialism, their writings pointed to the possibility of an alternative path to social development.[1] )

(This event originally took place at the Roundhouse in London, between the 15th and 30th July, 1967. Aside from the grandfatherly Marcuse, the well-respected éminence grise of the assembled, the participants included anarchist prankster Emmett Grogan of the Diggers (who fucked with the heads of the attendees by delivering a translated speech of Hitler’s and passing it off as his own), performance artist Carolee Schneeman, Julian Beck of The Living Theatre, Paul Goodman, Gregory Bateson, poet Allen Ginsberg, R.D. Laing, Francis Huxley, “Auto-Destructive art” movement and “Art Strike” founder Gustav Metzger and Black Power leader Stokely Carmichael.

The Congress on the Dialectics of Liberation  was organized by the American “anti-psychiatrist” Joe Berke and others from the Institute of Phenomenological Studies. The idea was to spontaneously create a “free university” to revolutionize the masses, a notion inspired by Alexander Trocchi)

How can we resolve this issue? I am almost ready to give up and let the controllers win. If you still want me to tell you what is going on send me some money! Or help in other ways.

I have fought the climate change wars on both sides. Unknowingly. Now I am more mindful. I love people so I will not join the side who wants everyone dead. But I will work with either sidew to make things more bearable…


Jason Thompson received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Law & Society from Winona State University and the International University Of Ulaanbaatar where he studied U.S.-Mongolian Foreign Relations 1860-1920. He also attended Diesel and hybrid programs at Hennepin Technical College in Minnesota, language and history at Soonchunhyang University in the Republic of Korea and Positive Leadership at the University for Peace in Costa Rica. He has a Master of Arts degree from University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he focused on: how climate control was visually framed in the media using content analysis, enhanced weathering techniques that create power and control atmospheric carbon dioxide percentages with olivine rock flour, and high-energy x-ray applications HEXA. Jason has wrote for Diesel Power and The Costa Rica News.

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