Population Control, Eugenics and Climate Change An intertwined history

Thomas Malthus was related to Charles Darwin he said population was going to cause suffering. Paul Ehrlich had similar thoughts with Population Bomb book. James Lovelock and Gaia theory runs in same vein that says people are virus and bad. Medieval I enlightened thoughts.


The causes of land-use and land-cover change: moving beyond the myths
Eric F. LambinB.L. TurnerJianchu Xu

“Common understanding of the causes of land-use and land-cover change is dominated by simplifications which, in turn, underlie many environment-development policies. This article tracks some of the major myths on driving forces of land-cover change and proposes alternative pathways of change that are better supported by case study evidence. Cases reviewed support the conclusion that neither population nor poverty alone constitute the sole and major underlying causes of land-cover change worldwide. Rather, peoples’ responses to economic opportunities, as mediated by institutional factors, drive land-cover changes. Opportunities and constraints for new land uses are created by local as well as national markets and policies. Global forces become the main determinants of land-use change, as they amplify or attenuate local factors.”

Also early feminists were connected with eugenics. Both theories furthered by Svente Arrhenius and Francis Galton. Simple yet not-true when measured against reality. Michael Crichton was first to make this connection at least that I know of. His book State of Fear goes into detail. His last book or one of last…

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