Human’s Controlled Climate 8,000 years ago: Still in control?

I learned about the Ruddiman Hypthosesis in a graduate level paleoclimatology class at UNLV. Dr. William Ruddiman wrote our textbook. He has a theory that humans have altered the climate starting 8,000 years ago.

“The “Ruddiman Hypothesis” will spark intense debate. We learn that the impact of farming on greenhouse-gas levels, thousands of years before the industrial revolution, kept our planet notably warmer than if natural climate cycles had prevailed–quite possibly forestalling a new ice age.”

The intro from the link goes on to say,

“Plows, Plagues, and Petroleum is the first book to trace the full historical sweep of human interaction with Earth’s climate. Ruddiman takes us through three broad stages of human history: when nature was in control; when humans began to take control, discovering agriculture and affecting climate through carbon dioxide and methane emissions; and, finally, the more recent human impact on climate change.”

Conservatives believe God is in control of the weather. The Bible and other religious books attribute control of the weather to Supernatural or unseen forces. Many scientists not necessarily religious or using a scientific basis today think these unseen forces are in control of the weather. Others think they can see all the forces and the models mimic the real thing.

Sociology has begun to touch on this topic looking at weather shamanism and climate change.

I think we do not see all the forces, patterns and relationships. Environmentalism and climate science and Gaia theory is like a new religion. Most believers do not have a good understanding of climate science yet they have faith in them. I want to believe since I want the same end goals as far as clean environment and alternative energy….but the physics!

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