North & Central American Relations


Ocean Acidification Exagerated Says Lead Expert

Institute of Marine Research, Marine Ecosystem Acoustics Disciplinary Group, Austevoll Research Station, 5392 Storebø, Norway

By Howard I Browman

“Below, I raise some of the aspects of OA research to which I contend an insufficient level of organized scepticism has been applied (in some cases, also to the articles in this theme issue). I arrived at that conclusion after reading hundreds of articles on OA (including, to be fair, some that also raise these issues) and overseeing the peer-review process for…


Bad Energy Policy Better Than No Energy Policy?

“I am in favour of a green agenda, but we can’t be religious about this. We need a new energy policy. We have to stop pretending, because we can’t sacrifice Europe’s industry for climate goals that are not realistic, and are not being enforced worldwide,” he told The Daily Telegraph during the Ambrosetti forum of global policy-makers at Lake Como

If Europe has a bad energy policy the US has no energy policy.


“Maybe we will luck through. But it’s worth pondering the words of James Schlesinger, ex-energy secretary and former boss at the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency.

When it comes to energy policy, Schlesinger says, “this country vacillates between panic and complacency.” Right now we’re in a period of complacency, but he warns that complacency, being unrealistic, merely helps pave the way for trouble down the road.”

Population Control, Eugenics and Climate Change An intertwined history

Thomas Malthus was related to Charles Darwin he said population was going to cause suffering. Paul Ehrlich had similar thoughts with Population Bomb book. James Lovelock and Gaia theory runs in same vein that says people are virus and bad. Medieval I enlightened thoughts.

The causes of land-use and land-cover change: moving beyond the myths
Eric F. LambinB.L. TurnerJianchu Xu

“Common understanding of the causes of land-use and land-cover change is dominated by simplifications which, in turn, underlie many environment-development policies. This article tracks some of the major myths on driving forces of land-cover change and proposes alternative pathways of change that are better supported by case study evidence. Cases reviewed support the conclusion that neither population nor poverty alone constitute the sole and major underlying causes of land-cover change worldwide. Rather, peoples’ responses to economic opportunities, as mediated by institutional factors, drive land-cover changes. Opportunities and constraints for new land uses are created by local as well as national markets and policies. Global forces become the main determinants of land-use change, as they amplify or attenuate local factors.”

Also early feminists were connected with eugenics. Both theories furthered by Svente Arrhenius and Francis Galton. Simple yet not-true when measured against reality. Michael Crichton was first to make this connection at least that I know of. His book State of Fear goes into detail. His last book or one of last…

office of inter-American affairs oiaa attracts limited scholarly coverage neo-colonialism alive and well

Nelson A. Rockefeller’s Of ce of Inter-American Affairs (1940–1946) and Record Group 229

By Gisela Cramer and Ursula Prutsch

“In comparative terms, the Office of Inter-American Affairs has attracted rather limited scholarly studies. It is, of course, a mandatory component of accounts of the Good Neighbor policy and inter-American relations during World War II; even so, rarely has the OIAA received more than a passing treatment.10 Those readers interested in the administrative and organizational history of the of ce will have to consult the of cial account published in 1947 as part of the Historical Reports on the War Administration.11 Thereafter, a handful of studies have focused squarely on the OIAA, mainly unpublished doctoral dissertations.12 A number of colorful biographies and autobiographies inform on the leadership provided by Rockefeller, his entourage of assistants and advisers, and their interactions with the upper echelons of the Roosevelt administration.13 Much less is known about the of ce’s activities and how these worked out on the ground. While it is well known, for instance, that the OIAA maintained large-scale health and sanitation programs in various parts of the region, very few researchers have taken a close look at these activities.14 Some aspects of the agency’s lm, radio, and press activities have come under closer scrutiny due to an upsurge of com- munications and lm studies published since the 1970s.15 More recently…” (Page. 789).

It is interesting that major media owners were in the OIAA and controlled programs in South and Central America.

Climate Warriors and Environmentalists After Opration Popeye

Against the best wishes of JFK in his last speech climate warfare accelerated after JFK left office. Operation Popeye might have killed thousands of people due to flooding inVietnam. UN declared climate warfare illegal so the military complex latched on to the environmental movement what resulted was a match made in heaven or hell?

How would environmental movement be different without US military influence. For example Bateson gave LSD to many in the environmental movement. MK Ultra mind control plus other things we don’t know about but we know something existed since documents burned. Bateson was married to Margret Mead who wrote Atmosphere Endangered Endangering with NIH funding. Nothing in history changes but it is new.

Animals and habitats are getting protected and I like that but if energy prices go up the poor will suffer. In Dhaka they get 2 hours of electricity. Children break breaks with small hammers. They burn trash for energy and this kills trees and 1 million people per year. Population controllers have subverted environmental movement we will see the effects soon. Nothing is usually all good or all bad? Beyond good and evil? Social engineering and weather engineering results are making me nervous but hopeful.

What if Climate Change is a new improved colonial movement to limit development in former colonies? As Greg Bateson framer of the CIA outlined.


Public Revelation

Reporter Jack Anderson published a story in March 1971 concerning Operation Popeye (though in his column, it was called Intermediary-Compatriot). The name Operation Popeye (Pop Eye) entered the public space through a brief mention in the Pentagon Papers and a July 3, 1972, article in the New York Times. Operations in Laos ceased two days after the publication of the Times article.

The press stories led to demands from members of the U.S. Congress, led by Senator Claiborne Pell, for more information. U.S. House and Senate resolutions in favor of banning environmental warfare were passed as Senate Resolution 71 on July 11, 1973, H.R. 116 of 1974, H.R. 329 of 1974 and H.R. 28 of 1975.

Read more about this topic: Operation Popeye


Climate Change Science/ Geoscience Was Developed By US Military,_Baron_Oxburgh

Produced by the Parliamentary Advisory Group on CCS, led by Lord Oxburgh,

Carbon capture and storage could be cheaper than nuclear, says report

Harry Hess was Ronald Oxburgh’s dictorial professor. Hess used a military submarine to measure gravity at sea floor and found the plate-tectonic theory.Ice core samples were taken when US military was digging underground ice caves in Greenland for nuclear missles.

Counting isotopes was developed by US military because spies were getting killed in USSR. US used isotopes to tell when/if they let off atomic bombs. We did not go to the moon for fun we did it to better understand the Earth/Space geo and stellar systems. After observation and understanding comes control. We wanted to use the environment as a weapon. References