About US

Niflheim Media is the ravings of one man crying out in the wilderness. Its support comes from family, friends, and the universe. We don’t have any large donations from past colonizers…yet.

Jason Thompson grew up in the wilds of Minnesota. Then he traveled to Mexico, China, South Korea, North Korea, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mongolia and Canada. Also lived in Florida and California.

He has a bachelors degree in Law & Society where he studied imperialism. Especially towards Mongolia. He was let go from Diesel Power magazine where he wrote over 300 articles. They told him to not write so many “green” articles.

He then went to UNLV and studied Journalism and Media Studies. There he found climate change was bullshit while working for the former director of the Harry Reid Center, Dr. Oliver Hemmers. Oliver got fired for saying climate change physics was bullshit. I researched the history and found it was tied to colonialism.

Now he is depressed, broke, and UN-hirable. But still smiling and still enjoying life outside the work world. Jason Thompson now installs gardens in Las Vegas. He is working on alternative energy ideas not designed to fail.

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