Climate Control & Politics: The 1930’s Dust Bowl and FDR’s Plan to End Droughts plus other examples

Politicians today and ancient rulers of the past use esoteric weather knowledge and perceived control to gain leverage over the ruled.

For example the dust bowl of the 1930’s was bad. It was partly natural and partly man made do to farming practices. FDR said he was going to end drought by planting a belt of trees.


Article Preview
TO INSURE AGAINST DROUGHT, A VAST PLAN TAKES SHAPE; The Program for a Belt of Trees Reaching From Canada to Texas Envisages Modification of the Climate of the Great Plains
By F.A. SILCOX, Chief Forester, United States Department of Agriculture. ();
July 29, 1934, (Can be viewed a few pages in)

In the 1950’s the government was into weather warfare.

General RJ Dyrenforth

Rain of Error



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