Zero Fatalities Event in Nevada Almost Killed My Kid: Danger of Button batteries

We went to an event at Raw Remedies.!staff

The Zero Fatalities organization was there and giving away small toy cars probably made by slaves in China. My 5-year-old daughter loves to take things apart and put them back together. Each car contained three toxic batteries. I was looking for them everywhere last night. I was going to go to hospital for an x-ray. Then I found the sixth battery and rejoiced!

Organizations love what your doing but please don’t give away toxic lethal trash to kids or anyone. One battery swallowed can kill or nearly destroy a life.

Nothing against Raw Remedies or Zero Fatalities as a organization. Both are great.

The reason Nevada has fatalites on its roads is because who ever designed Las Vegas was an idiot. Some streets go on for miles and have no cross walk. The walls create wind tunnels that blow glass shards in your eye. Desert cities are supposed to be close together and shaded not strung apart. UNLV has a death zone cross walk. I personally saved a girl on her cell phone from getting hit by a car. Why not build a bridge, tunnel or catapult to get people across? Why not create shelters for babies, old, and all while they wait for bus in death creating temps. The heat is partially to blame why only 10% of graduating high schoolers in Las Vegas were able to pass ACT with a high enough score to get to college.  It boils brains…

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