Academic Integrity Closed The Harry Reid Center

I used to be the student assistant to the director of the Harry Reid Center. Here is my version of events. I helped Dr. Oliver Hemmers. He was one of the people who wrote the drone proposal for Nevada (against the wishes of his boss). He also got UNLV the largest particle accelerator (with maintenance support) of any US university for free minus the renovation of a building. He studied quantum physics at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin and then Berkley for 25 years.  He told me climate science was bullshit and then explained why. Why Climate Models Fail I was looking for answers and he was the only one who would explain it to me. Even in graduate level paleoclimatology class we did not delve into greenhouse theory only accepted it.

He gave a talk to the Brookings (presentation on my profile somewhere) people and a staffer from the Harry Reid office. A few years later it was shut down. UNLV lost millions we as a society lost more.

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