U.S. Mongolian Relations 1850-1930: US Recognization of Mongolia Would Have Prevented WWII on Pacific Front

If US would have recognized Mongolia Japan might have backed off since it would have looked like the west was going to stop raping China. Japan was trying to take control of situation. They got pissed when we cut off their gas in order to provoke them. We new they were coming at Pearl Harbor a forced flag event. kind of like one that started Spanish American war. This work used never before published state dept. letters from the National Archives. A story of a US consul officer going to Mongolia and failing miserably in formal relations was covered. I’ve lost this thesis but its in my head.  I’m rewriting it and this a rough draft. Alicia J Campi is only researcher looking at this!

I found many documents warning US of Japanese attack. Some going back to 1920’s.

The dollar was the currency of Mongolia between 1921 and 1925. Treasury notes were issued under Baron Ungern in 1921. The denominations were 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollars. It was intended to replace the Chinese yuan at par but, according to European travellers of the time, was worthless.[1] Further banknotes were printed in 1924, in denominations of 50 cents, 1, 3, 5, 10 and 25 dollars, but were not issued. The dollar, together with other circulating currencies, was replaced by the tögrög in 1925.


Japan’s 21 demands were settled except for mining right in Inner Mongolia.

Ladislaus Forbath, The New Mongolia, London 1936, p.217/218

My undergraduate thesis focused on him, Roy Chapman Andrews (Indiana Jones), Frans August Larson, Owen Lattimore and the Living Buddha of Mongolia Bogda Khan.

Before the lamas were all killed by communists.

Who Was Roy Chapman Andrews




Russo-Japanese War – financed by Jacob Schiff

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