Climate Control & Politics: The 1930’s Dust Bowl and FDR’s Plan to End Droughts plus other examples

Politicians today and ancient rulers of the past use esoteric weather knowledge and perceived control to gain leverage over the ruled.

For example the dust bowl of the 1930’s was bad. It was partly natural and partly man made do to farming practices. FDR said he was going to end drought by planting a belt of trees.


Article Preview
TO INSURE AGAINST DROUGHT, A VAST PLAN TAKES SHAPE; The Program for a Belt of Trees Reaching From Canada to Texas Envisages Modification of the Climate of the Great Plains
By F.A. SILCOX, Chief Forester, United States Department of Agriculture. ();
July 29, 1934, (Can be viewed a few pages in)

In the 1950’s the government was into weather warfare.

General RJ Dyrenforth

Rain of Error



Climate Control UNESCO 1954: The cloud-seeding trials in the central Punjab, July-September 1954

If the picture below turned to Operation Popeye only 10 years later what is the trajectory of climate control 100 years from now. What’s happening right now?




The cloud-seeding trials in the central Punjab, July-September
Observatory, Quetta


Climate Monster

1 million people die every year because they don’t have access to electricity. They burn poop and forests and garbage to cook food. This poisons the air. Let’s pretend we have 5 dollars. Clean tech costs $25 if everyone is going to get electricity. Cheap fossil fuels costs $2 for everyone to have electricity the same amount of money we’ve paid climate scientists who haven’t thought of anything new since WW2. I’m an alternative energy proponent and was told to stop writing green articles. I don’t deny we can do better we’ve already got the fossil fuel bump. Our CO2 is going down. To not give this gift to developing nations is immoral in my view. Then I researched the history of climate control and found it was tied to the military the OSS and eugenics. The main goal of climate negotiations is neo-colonialism via economic controls as framed by Gregory Bateson in his 1942 paper working for the OSS. He orchestrated the catastrophic psychedelic environmental movement designed to keep India and China and 3rd world in a subservient position. Nothing changes in history yet its all so brave and new. It’s also about population control as outlined by Gaylord Nelson founder of Earth Day. Bateson gave LSD to Ginsberg and 4,000 others at Stanford. Ginsberg made movie Circuit Earth on first Earth Day warning that development was going to usher in an Ice Age. Who can say what the proper co2 limit is and won’t cause weather to change? Who can say how many people earth can hold? Who is responsible for culling the herd? We can use rocks and sonics and cavitation and pipes to regulate CO2 level and generate power via enhanced weathering. Then we’ll see if the climate stops changing and producing bad weather. But it’ll take 100 years and by that time it’ll be too late and people won’t even remember why electricity is now a luxury. We’ll be too hungry or dead.

Academic Integrity Closed The Harry Reid Center

I used to be the student assistant to the director of the Harry Reid Center. Here is my version of events. I helped Dr. Oliver Hemmers. He was one of the people who wrote the drone proposal for Nevada (against the wishes of his boss). He also got UNLV the largest particle accelerator (with maintenance support) of any US university for free minus the renovation of a building. He studied quantum physics at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin and then Berkley for 25 years.  He told me climate science was bullshit and then explained why. Why Climate Models Fail I was looking for answers and he was the only one who would explain it to me. Even in graduate level paleoclimatology class we did not delve into greenhouse theory only accepted it.

He gave a talk to the Brookings (presentation on my profile somewhere) people and a staffer from the Harry Reid office. A few years later it was shut down. UNLV lost millions we as a society lost more.