Sausalito Approves Wind Farm In Richardson Bay: 10 more Farms Proposed In Bay Area

The Marin Scope newspaper reported the recent “100+ plus” degree heat drove the Sausalito city council to a 6-1 vote in favor of a 600 acre wind farm located in Richardson Bay and surrounding hill sides. Those in favor said since we like windmills so much we decided to move them closer to home.

10 other sites throughout the bay have been selected for windmill, pv panels and concentrated solar.

The top picture would not look lovely load…no cell phone towers?

Distilled H20 Best Windshield Fluid

Distilled H20 is the best windshield fluid. The best source would be extracted from your exhaust as Borla and the military all ready did. Or from your A/C.

Just make sure it doesn’t get freezing cold! It will brake your reservoir when it expands.

It keeps your windshield cleanest compared with stuff with colors in it.

End Brake Dust

Our money would be spent wisely if we got rid of brake pad dust. Each year TKTKTK tons of pads, clutches and tires gets put into the atmosphere.

The solution is simple, cheap, clean and easy a mechanical hybrid.

This hybrid would improve cold starts.

Here is a simple mechanical hybrid.

Lots of room for my hybrid system that’ll make battery-electric hybrid-vehicle owners jealous. My plan is to have the diesel engine double as a steam generator. This way, my engine won’t be wasting more power than it uses. I still need to convince Cyclone Power Technologies to give me a waste heat steam engine. Then I’ll mount it in the bed, run it constantly, and have it power all my accessories and a hydraulic pump. I’ll install a Dana 60 front axle with a hydraulic pump connected to the differential. This will allow me to shut off my diesel engine (in the city) and only use it when needed (on the highway). When I’m in town I’ll just be trickle-charging my hydraulic accumulator with the steam engine and driving only with the front wheels.

According to the NIH

Studies mention that in urban environments, brake wear can contribute up to 55 % by mass to total non-exhaust traffic-related PM10 emissions and up to 21 % by mass to total traffic-related PM10 emissions, while in freeways, this contribution is lower due to lower braking frequency.!po=0.413223

Why should you be friends with everyone?

Hi Jason,

Thank you for inviting me. Your profile is intriguing, but indefinite. Would you please tell me more about what motivated you to invite me into your network? What potential do you see in our connection?

My best regards

Dr. X

Hi X,

Your welcome. We all have infinite potential.

I have a website and I’m trying to get as many views and visitors and supporters and detractors as possible. Linkedin sends me connection opportunities and I click the button till I get bored. I am into content analysis…

I click hundreds But I remember your profile since we are in the same field. Sustainability or pura Vida Stories Accelerated as I call it.

You are from xx and xx so probably powerful and influential? I am trying to get my thesis and website reviewed in the academic journals.

I would like you to share my ideas to your network. I would like to be refuted so I can stop worrying.No one has denied anything I wrote as far as bad sources or something substanative.

Ultimately through both sides facing harsh realities we’ll find common ground and more pura Vida.

I have been on both sides during this fight both sides are wrong within certain boundaries and right…

I was fired from Diesel Power for writing to many green articles and as assistant to the Director of the Harry Reid center for environmental sciences for us being critical of climate models because of convection, clouds, randomness, and eugenics colonialist history weather warfare resource control which climate change is and more.