The Population Council and Climate Change
“The social hygiene movement represented a rationalized, professionalized version of the earlier social purity movement.[2] Many reformers, such as Marie Stopes, were also proponents of eugenics. Inspired by Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection, they argued for the sterilisation of certain groups, even racial groups, in society. Indeed, by the 1930s thousands of forced sterilizations of people deemed undesirable took place in America and other countries each year. This continued for several more decades in some countries, though after 1945, the movement was largely discredited.[3]”



Dr. Marshall C. Balfour, a retired staff member of the Rockefeller Foundation, who had been active in population control efforts, died Saturday in. Chapel Hill, N.C., where he lived. He was 79 years old.


What comes out most clearly from an examination of the BSH files is that there are many interconnections between the Social Hygiene, Mental Hygiene, Birth Control, Population Control and Eugenics Movements between 1920 and 1940, and that to understand these movements they must be seen in the context of the broad movement to rationalize and control social development – a plan to which the Rockefeller interest had been won by the first decade of the twentieth century. The BSH Papers will be enlightening to researchers in the history of any one of these fields.

Barry Mehler
St. Louis, Missouri


Mugo wa Kibiru

“The Kikuyu community has come to associate the falling of fig trees (Mugumo) to major events in the political world.

The best known instance was when Mugo wa Kibiru prophesied that the falling of a huge Mugumo tree in Thika would mark the end of British rule in Kenya.”

Mugo wa Kibiru or Chege (Cege) wa Kibiru was a Kenyan sage from the Gikuyu tribe (Kikuyu, in Swahili) who lived in the 18th and early 19th centuries. His name “Mugo” means “a healer”. Mugo wa Kibiru was born in Kariara, Murang’a, near Thika, but his exact dates of birth and death are unknown.

The Persistent Problem of Colorism: Skin Tone, Status, and Inequality

Margaret Hunter

Audi RS4, Audi RS2 & Volkswagen B5.5



B5.5 2004 Volkswagen Passat GLS Monsoon Radio install security code special tools

Findlay Volkswagen gave me the code for free!

Thank you

The greatest factory stereo system?

2004 VW Passat

You must go to the dealership with the VIN and radio vin located on a sticker on the radio to get the security code. The 1 is the thousands place, 2 hundreds, 3 tens and 4 ones to set the code. Then wait and it should clear the safe mode. I pressed the scan button so maybe that did it but I think it’s time. I tried every button after putting in the code.

Removal tool

Largest Non Nuclear Explosion in History Pepcon Henderson, NV perchlorate and reverse Osmosis water treatments
Water treatment and filters

“In 1997, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California first discovered perchlorate in Colorado River water it delivers to its customers.”

Studies since have found trace amounts of the chemical in the Las Vegas Valley’s drinking water supply and in lettuce and milk from dairy cows exposed to Colorado River water.

“According to a NASA case study on the disaster, the PEPCON explosion, which was the result of sparks from a welding torch setting ablaze a fiberglass infrastructure, created the largest domestic, non-nuclear explosion in recorded history.”