1998 GMC Sonoma 2.2L head gasket, head re-build, injector o-ring, thermostat, intake manifold gasket, EGR valve o ring, throttle body gasket, exhaust manifold gasket, vacuum line replacement, EVAP solenoid, spark plugs, spark plug wires, Sorensen injector clips, injector electrical connection clips, belt, coolant hose and thermostat replacement: Part 7

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Make sure to put a piece of tape around the fuel line return so when disconnected the nut doesnt slide into the belly of the beast. Two magnets on stick will retrieve it.

You could leave the intake manifold, injectors and injector rail on the head for easier removal.

Put the o rings on the injectors first. Coat with engine oil.

Put the wire clips on the electrical connection first then press the fittings together.

Dont disconnect the power steering or a/c system just unbolt them and move them to the side.

Drain the exhaust system since it might have a gallon of coolant inside.

Rotate the engine from the crankshaft bolt so the pistons are at the top of the cylinder to clean the carbon off.


1998 GMC 2.2L Sonoma Head Gasket Replacement and water pump Part 5

Torque the long head bolts 64 lb-ft and short head bolts to 61 lb-ft. Then an extra 90 degree turn to both short and long. Start in the middle and then tighten to each end. There is a certain torque sequence…

Torque the intake bolts to 18 lb-ft. The studs go in the bottom. The alternator bracket attaches to one of them. Don’t get them mixed in with the power steering pump bolts…

Exhaust manifold 10 lb-ft

rocker arms 18 lb-ft make sure push rods seated and the cam lobe is flat.

19 mm socket on crank to turn the engine.

Abrasive pads, scrapers, Emory cloth and steel wool. To clean the surfaces.