Grilleless Grille And open roof Jeeps

I cut the roof of my 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2007. It helped me get my feature editor job. I drove it from Minnesota to Florida then to Beverly Hills. It got lots of looks. Then Fiat and Jeep had roofless Options. You need sides not roofs necessarily.

Now I bet you’ll see Grilleless Grilles. I’m going to use the extra foglight wiring for an LED mounted light that’ll create a grille affect with light.


The Immigrant Investment Visa Program, EB-5 Investment Opportunity Date Farming in Las Vegas and Help With Doing Business in Las Vegas Free Trade Zone why Las Vegas is best place for foreigners to do business in USA


Niflheim Media is reaching out to people interested in The Immigrant Investment Visa Program, commonly called the EB-5.

To qualify for a visa, immigrant investors must invest at least $500,000 in a “targeted employment area,” and that investment must result in the creation of 10 permanent jobs.

Niflheim Media is looking for investors to help get its Las Vegas date farms operational.
Dates could transform the valley into a paradise worth billions of dollars.


We help foreign businesses operate In the USA.
-business licenses

Foreign Trade Zone #89

A Foreign Trade Zone designation is especially useful for companies involved in import or export businesses.

Advantages of a Foreign Trade Zone over a Bonded Warehouse:

A FTZ is not considered within customs territory. Customs entry is not required until goods are removed.
All merchandise, whether domestic or foreign are permissible cargo.
No Customs bond is required.
Duties are due only upon entry into U.S. Territory.
Manufacture is permitted with duty payable at the time the goods leave the zone for U.S. consumption. No duty on waste material or on value added in manufacturing. No duties paid on export goods.
Tariff rate and value are determined at your discretion, either at the time of admission, or when goods leave the zone.
Storage time is unlimited.
Sort, destroy, clean, grade, mix with foreign or domestic goods, label, assemble, manufacture, exhibit, sell and repack are allowed operations on merchandise for domestic consumption.
Customs entry regulations only apply to goods removed for U.S. consumption.
Application of regulations depends on products and agency involved regarding jurisdiction of other federal agencies.
The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance provides valuable information on Foreign Trade Zones in general and specific information on Southern Nevada’s Foreign Trade Zone #89 and how you can qualify to be “in the zone.”

For more information on how to use a Foreign Trade Zone designation for your business visit the LVGEA website or call them at 702-791-0000
LVGEA – International-business

For Import and Export Resources and Information contact:

U.S Department of Commerce
Export Assistance Center
400 S. 4th Street, Suite 250
Las Vegas, NV


Jason Thompson


Jason Thompson received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Law & Society from Winona State University and the International University Of Ulaanbaatar where he studied U.S.-Mongolian Foreign Relations 1860-1920. He also attended programs at Hennepin Technical College in Minnesota, Soonchunhyang University in the Republic of Korea and at the University for Peace in Costa Rica. He has a Master of Arts degree from University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he focused on how climate control was visually framed in the media using content analysis, enhanced weathering techniques that create power and control atmospheric carbon dioxide percentages and high-energy x-ray applications. Jason has wrote for Diesel Power and The Costa Rica News.

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Crowd Funded Journalism

“From Kickstarter’s April 2009 launch through the end of the year, 17 journalism projects received funding. That number more than tripled just a year later, to 64 projects in 2010. Growth continued, reaching 168 funded projects in 2014 and 173 in the first nine months of 2015.2

The amount of money put into these projects grew as well, from $49,256 in 2009 and $263,352 in 2010 to $1,743,668 in the first nine months of 2015.

Equally striking is the upward trend in the number of people contributing financially to these journalism projects – rising from 792 in 2009 to 25,651 in 2015.”

Still most money is:
“Overall, the journalism projects produced and revenue gained from these crowdfunded ventures is still a drop in the bucket compared with the original reporting output that occurs on any given day and the roughly $20 billion in revenue generated by newspaper ads alone. Kickstarter-fueled support for journalism also trails two funding sources that have attracted a fair amount of attention in the journalism world in recent years – philanthropy and venture capital, which Pew Research Center estimated to be in the hundreds of millions in 2013 alone”.

So this is a better plan, pay the readers advertising money directly:

News companies are trying to figure out how to make money. Niflheim Media has a new model called The Penny Blogs. Basically we pay readers to read our content. 1 view equals one cent. A comment or share is 2 cents. Niflheim Media also makes money buy telling companies or organization’s stories for a fee. The amount of money the company pays us to tell the story is disclosed at the beginning. This plan needs investment to get started.

The Population Council and Climate Change
“The social hygiene movement represented a rationalized, professionalized version of the earlier social purity movement.[2] Many reformers, such as Marie Stopes, were also proponents of eugenics. Inspired by Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection, they argued for the sterilisation of certain groups, even racial groups, in society. Indeed, by the 1930s thousands of forced sterilizations of people deemed undesirable took place in America and other countries each year. This continued for several more decades in some countries, though after 1945, the movement was largely discredited.[3]”



Dr. Marshall C. Balfour, a retired staff member of the Rockefeller Foundation, who had been active in population control efforts, died Saturday in. Chapel Hill, N.C., where he lived. He was 79 years old.


What comes out most clearly from an examination of the BSH files is that there are many interconnections between the Social Hygiene, Mental Hygiene, Birth Control, Population Control and Eugenics Movements between 1920 and 1940, and that to understand these movements they must be seen in the context of the broad movement to rationalize and control social development – a plan to which the Rockefeller interest had been won by the first decade of the twentieth century. The BSH Papers will be enlightening to researchers in the history of any one of these fields.

Barry Mehler
St. Louis, Missouri