Roof Racks

The roof rack should go away.

We used fiberglass reinfoRced filler. Next is a little sanding, regular bondo and spray point for now.

This article said
the British magazine What Car? recently found, adding properly fitted roof boxes and a modest amount of cargo to a couple of compact family models decreased their effective gas mileage by up to 35 percent on the highway, versus official figures.



Mulberries, Lake Mead and cooked food emissions

As to their hardiness, a Carolina mulberry grower testified as follows: “Yeh can’t kill the things. Yeh kin plant yeh mulberries jest like yeh would cane—cut it off in joints and graft from the one yeh want to. I moved a tree last yeah. Jest put a man cuttin’ roots off— and he cut ’em scandalous—and I hooked two mules to it and hauled it ovah heah.
I didn’t ‘spect it would live, but it did.”
“A Georgia Tree Farmer”; J. Russell Smith, The Country Gentleman, December 4, 1915, pp. 1921-22.


2004 Volkswagen Passat GLS 1.8L 4Motion B5.5 2001-2006: Windshield washer level sensor replacement and front bumper plastic

The windshield washer fluid light stayed on no matter what. I first thought it was the sensor. I was at the junkyard already so I picked up an extra sensor for $3.

Sensor Location

The sensor is located in the windshield washer reservoir. You can replace it by removing part of the splash shield on the front driver side. Turn the wheel to the side for more room. The pump is at the bottom and the sensor is the one towards the middle of the tank. First disconnect the electrical connector.
The sensor just stays in place with a rubber seal.
Put the seal in first and then push in The sensor. Use washer fluid as a lubricant. Be careful squeezing both sides of the electric coneector.



I also picked up a lower plastic spoiler that goes under the front bumper. For $5. To replace it use a razor to cut off the tabs so the bumber plastic connections do not break when you remove the damaged plastic spoiler.

I also got a new for light. When I put it in the other light that I just replaced went out?

The junk yard had lots of good finds today. I would like to start an app connecting pickers with people who need parts.

Distilled water needs about a 1/2 cup tap water for use as warm weather washer fluid.
I have been using pure distilled water. Maybe now it’s clean enough in the tank the water doesn’t have enough conductivity? I added some tap water. 1/2 cup and the light went off the sensor was fine just not sensitive enough to read pure water.

Volkswagen Passat B5.5 2000-2006 climate control dash light change bulb

Our Volkswagen Passat climate control dash light went out.

To change the bulb turn the fan dial to two. Pull the knob with strong fingers or a padded pliers.

Find a 2 mm rubber hose from windshield washer tubing or vacuum hose. Push the tube over the bulb and pull out the bulb.


Put the new bulb in the tubing loosely. Use a toothpick without the tip to push the new bulb into position.


2004 Volkswagen Passat B5.5 1.8L T 2000-2006 GLS: Cracked, broke, leaking oil pan fix

The Volkswagen Passat has an aluminum oil pan that’s easy to damage.

First we drained the oil. Then we cleaned the area with brake cleaner. I sprayed it into the drain plug hole. It wouldn’t stop dripping and I couldn’t flip the car upside down so I used q tips to keep the area inside the pan dry as possible.

The area has to be sanded and very clean.


We used 3M flexible 100 grit sandpaper.


JB weld


Volkswagen First With Digital Fuel Injection

No car would be able to pass the tests Volkswagen failed. They all have the same basic parts anyways…

The manufacturers need to be rewarded for taking risks…

Some early cars with electronic fuel injection and the companies that provided the technology

1967 Volkswagen 1600: Bosch

1969 Volkswagen Type III: Bosch

1969 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL: Bosch

1971 BMW 3.0Si: Bosch

1976 Cadillac Seville: Bosch/Bendix/GM

1979 Toyota Supra: Bosch

1981 Chrysler Imperial: Chrysler